A selection of residency programs around China

Since the last few years, artist-in-residence programs flourished all around China and especially in the artscape of the capital. Most of them don’t have any special requirement regarding the nature of the artist’s project. They have submission process and most of them are charging residency fees covering accommodations and studio fees, living costs, assistants etc  (please refer to the programs’ webpage for accurate information regarding residency costs)

They welcome emerging and mid-career artists from around the world,from one to six months residency period (however a one month residency is not recommended, as the first month is generally the time needed to get used to the new working environment that offers China)

As mentioned, most of the programs are asking for residency fees.

Some programs are collaborating directly with foreign foundations, which take care of the residency fees for the artists.

Here a selection of few artist-in-residence program around the country:

Within the rapid multiplication in China of exhibitions, biennials, triennials and public spaces, Galerie Urs Meile sees its role to sustainably provide working conditions for contemporary artists which includes the support of artists in various

The artist-in-residence program offers visiting artists a special opportunity to live and work in Beijing. The cultural environment stimulates new experiential horizons, perceptions, and creative processes. It offers thus conditions for the development of new artistic concepts and ideas. As a direct reaction to the unprecedented freedom and economic rewards Galerie Urs Meile is especially fostering critical discussions and developments of contemporary art by offering artists the opportunity to come up with new and interpretative concepts.

Contact: galerie@galerieursmeile.com

The Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a dramaturgical workspace and curatorial think tank that provides artistic research as an independent research discipline with its own context and infrastructure. Under the flag of IFP, the artist is given the opportunity to do research within his/her own paradigms, and to seek interaction with other research disciplines following his/her own artistic logic.

Supported projects are provided with local assistance and a studio to live and work. IFP can only provide direct grants for visual and performing artists, architects and designers living and working in Flanders and the Netherlands; for other artists money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by the artist in collaboration with IFP.

Contact: institute@iprovoke.org

The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is the first art space solely dedicated to photography and video art in China.  It aims to become China’s most professional and comprehensive platform for the promotion of contemporary photography art.
The Centre therefore offers an Artist-in-residence program to provide international photographers, artists, curators, and academics with an opportunity to live and work in China. Fore more information please check the post The Three Shadows Artist Residency in Beijing

  • CEAC (Contemporary European Art Center), Xiamen

The CEAC shares with the artists a large network of local artists, companies and work sites to enable them to implement their projects in the best possible way. The residency aims to stimulate exchange between residents, local artists and students at the Art & Design Department of Xiamen University.  Residents can be invited to give lectures or presentations about their work and guest seminars and workshops for students.
At the conclusion of their residence, artists are invited to present their research project and new work at the Art Center. In addition, the European branch of the CEAC strives to promote an exchange of knowledge and collaboration with fellow specialists and artists in other disciplines by organizing lectures, debates, films and video showings.

There is no deadline for application.

Studio space, living accommodation are provided by the establishment. Monthly Residency fees: 8500 rmb Contact: info@ceac99.org

The Artist-in-residence program at 943 Studio seeks to build a platform for Yunnan artists to communicate widely through inviting international artists to Kunming, communicating with local artists, providing diversified reference and mutual promotion for the local art environment, and creating conditions for communication across diverse fields and geographical areas. The establishment includes a 120m2 gallery and three private studios, located in a creative cultural/industrial community in northwest of Kunming.Participants are requested to cover costs of accommodation, studio space, administration etc.

Contact: 43studiokm@gmail.com

More information on the post Times Museum Artist Residency

Links :

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Feel free to post your feedbacks about those residency programs

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