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Chinese Art scene

Photo Credit : Zhang Yunyao, Aten, pigment on felt, 220x160cm, 2016 (details) 


15 Years Working Experience

With a solid working experience in the Chinese art context and her mastery of the Chinese language (written and spoken), Lucille coordinates and facilites art project related to Chinese art scene acting as a direct liaison with the artists and their studios.


Lucille is an expert of the Chinese contemporary art scene and especially of the emerging artists born in the 70’s and 80’s. After more than a decade of experience in the Chinese art scene and over ten years in Beijing, she has build a strong network of professionals.


She is able to identify artists and source artworks according to her client’s needs and the project’s specifications.


She has coordinated and facilitated the execution of a large number of artistic projects related to Chinese art scene, for which she has acted as a liaison between companies, Chinese artists and partners.


She is a native French speaker with professional working proficiency in English and Chinese. She is now working as an independent between France and China.



Lucille Enel on guided tours at Art Basel Hong Kong

Fields Of Expertise

Art Consulting

She identifies emerging, up-and-coming Chinese artists and sources artworks according to your needs or project’s specifications including curatorial project, acquisition, art commission or commercial collaboration.

Intercultural Communication

Using her knowledge and experience of the Chinese cultural context and her mastery of Chinese language, she facilitates the execution of your project and act as a direct liaison to Chinese artists and partners (galeries, institutions…).


Coordination & Production

With a high multi-tasks management experience, she can assist your company by coordinating a project from the conception to the production in close collaboration with your team.



China Art Management