Luo Daishi’s copper-based painting

Luo Daishi has been exploring ways to express the vibrancy of copper-based cultivation painting through rich colors, layered textures, and biological growth processes. Recently, she introduced a novel technique called “transformation,” utilizing transparent polymer material to freeze the growing process and harvest the cultivated “fruits.” This innovative approach has led to the creation of a new landscape, prompting reflections on time and life.

Luo Daishi’s studio visit, December 2023

In her latest project, “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE OF TIME,” Daishi translates her research and daily work into an installation. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the magical universe of time and her world. The installation reveals a substantial copper-based color universe that grows like a biological system, accompanied by a 2.4-meter-tall conical cultivator and six wall petri dishes incubating various stages of color life.

Luo Daishi, Across the Universe of Time, installation, dimension variable, 2023. Image Courtesy : Lancôme

Across the Universe of Time 2023
Copper, brass, high polymer, LED, stainless steel with white lacquer, convex lens, electronic components
L800 x H400 x D600 cm
Artwork commissioned by Lancôme
Curators: Lucille Enel and Isabelle Gavalda

Luo Daishi, Across the Universe of Time, 2023, installation details. Image Courtesy Lancôme

Luo Daishi in front of her work. Image Courtesy Lancôme

Luo Daishi is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in product design. She is devoted to probing into a future of complete synergy between nature and humanity by nurturing works with copper as the medium. In recent years, Daishi Luo has continued to work with “copper”, focusing on the creative research of biology in materials. The fusion of contemporary science and the design material behavior allows the material to grow spontaneously in the creation.

In 2017 she won the China National Young Art Talents, and in 2019 she won the project support of the Shenzhen Creative Charity Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in Milan Design Week (2016), the 56th Bienanale di Venezia, Art Asia (2016), and etc.

Isabelle and I in front of Luo Daishi’s work at the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.

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