The ” Art of Absolue” Exhibition

A convergence of art and brand identity showcased in Shanghai

In 2022, I was pleased to be appointed alongside Isabelle Gavalda as curator for “Art of Absolue 2023” by Lancôme Paris, a captivating convergence of art and brand identity showcased in Shanghai in December 2023. The exhibition features the work of 10 Artists from France and China (Wang Kaifang, Jiang Zhi, Cai Zhisong, Tian Xiaolei, Luo Daishi, Cyril Lancelin, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Pierre Brault, William Amor and Danni Zheng) including 8 commissioned works.

Emmnauelle Moureaux, 100 COLORS NO.48 “100 COLORS BUTTERFLIES”, installation, 2023. Image courtesy : Lancôme

Art curation & Project Management

As curators of the exhibition, Isabelle and I selected the artists and followed the commissions from conception to production and installation in Shanghai.

Through out the curation process, I was thrilled to deeper my knowledge of the work of Luo Daishi and Danni Zheng, two young and promising Chinese artists.

Danni Zheng, Growth, Blossoms, and Beyond, Multi-sensory Immersive Interactive Installation, 2023. Image Courtesy: Lancôme

Luo Daishi, Across the Universe of Time, installation, dimension variable, 2023. Image Courtesy : Lancôme

Cyril Lancelin, Pyramid of Care, 2023. Image Courtesy: Lancôme

Jiang Zhi, Love Letter, Exhibition View. Image Courtesy : Lancôme

William Amor, Theater of Metamorphosis, 2023. Image Courtesy: Lancôme

With Jiang Zhi, next to his artwork “Love letter”

With Isabelle Gavalda in front of Jiang Zhi’s “Love letter”

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