Interview with Liang Shuo on March 28th

When I spoke to Liang Shuo about the interview, he directly answered that it could be fun to do it like a game with particular rules.

The game’s rules were different for each question: for example answer within 15 words, using three verbs or within 20 seconds or finish the sentence…
The idea was to force the artist to answer without too much thinking in order to get the most spontaneous answer to the question. At the end of the interview, we went through some of Liang Shuo’s answers to go deeper into details.
“The most important part is the interaction between the two persons during the interview, doesn’t matter what the answers are or if the artist speaks truly or not…” Liang Shuo commented.
He said that the best questions were the ones he couldn’t answer to or the ones that made him feel uncomfortable.
I promised Liang Shuo to get back to him with more questions or exactly the same ones in a few years’ time to see how his state of mind will evolve.

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