Press quotes on the art scene and art market in Hong Kong

“Chinese collectors today “have a much greater idea of what’s good and what’s rare” Article Tastes Broaden, and Sellers Follow Suit by Jason Chow on Wall Street Journal’s blog

“It may not come as a surprise that, among Asian collectors at least, homegrown artists were a priority.” on Wallpaper Art HK 12: highlights from the contemporary art fair

“Christie’s sold $81.1 million at its Saturday-night contemporary Asian art auction, including “Blue Chrysanthemums in a Glass Vase,” a painting by 20th-century artist Sanyu that went for $6.1 million.” Article on The wall street journal Art Market Bright Despite Global Gloom

“Pi’s appointment underlines the importance of Chinese contemporary art for the new museum and the necessity of establishing strong connections between the mainland and Hong Kong art scenes.” Article on Artinfo Pi Li on Why he left mainland China for the New M+ Museum

““Obviously China is very important for us, but so is South-East Asia. And Japan and South Korea, two of the most sophisticated art markets in Asia, with Taiwan. Australia too is a strong market, as is the Middle East.” Hong Kong is ideally located to serve them all explains Magnus Renfrew, the Basel Art fair’s director” Article Shopping for a center The economist

“Days of Being Wild” article by Lee Ambrozy about Art HK on Artforum

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