Bentu – Chinese artists in a time of turbulence and transformation At Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris

201601_FLV_Bentu_Hu Xiangqian_3

Hu Xiangqian The Woman in Front of the Camera, 2015 |Video |2 mn 53 s

Courtesy of the Artist and Long March Space, Beijing

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Zhen_2

Xu Zhen Eternity-The Soldier of Marathon Announcing Victory, A Wounded Galatian 2014 Exhibition View

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, marble grains, marble, metal 157 x 96 x 250 cm Edition 1/3+2 AP Produced by MadeIn Company

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Zhen_1

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Zhen_3

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Zhen_4

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Wei_1 Liu Wei Untitled, 2015 | Mirror, wood, metal, pvc plastic, glass, paint | Various dimensions 

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Wei_2

201601_FLV_Bentu_Cao Fei_1

Cao Fei  Strangers, 2015  8 projections vidéo, son | 8 video projections, sound |4 mn 18 s

Courtesy of the Artist and Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou

201601_FLV_Bentu_Cao Fei

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Chuang_2

Liu Chuang BBR1 (No. 1 of Blossom Bud Restrainer), 2015  | Video | 4 mn 56 s

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Chuang_1

201601_FLV_Bentu_Tao Hui

 Tao Hui 1 Character & 7 Materials, 2015 | 1 Character : sound installation, microphones, earphones 19’35”, (French) 13’55’’ (Chinese) and 17’43’’ (English) | 7 Materials :  video 11’48’’ Bus shelter (steel, glass, screen for overhead projection), 248 x 364.5 x 70 cm, bench, booth, earphones. 

Courtesy of the Artist and Aike-Dellarco Gallery, Shanghai

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Qu

Xu Qu Currency Wars series, 2015 Exhibition View| Acrylic on canvas

Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery

201601_FLV_Bentu_Xu Qu_1

Xu Qu Currency Wars -pound 50 old, 2015 Details | Acrylic on canvas | 150 x 158 cm

201601_FLV_Bentu_Yang Fudong_2

Yang Fudong Blue Kylin – A Journal of Shandong, 2008-2015 |Video installation, 10 channels |3mn 38s à 42 mn 35s

Courtesy of the Artist, Shangart Gallery, Shanghai,  Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, New York / Londres

201601_FLV_Bentu_Yang Fudong_3

201601_FLV_Bentu_Yang Fudong_1

 201601_FLV_Bentu_Hao Liang_1

 Hao Liang The Virtuous Being, 2015 |Ink and colours on silk |Overall dimensions of scroll: 40 x 1312 cm 

Courtesy de l’artiste et Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou

201601_FLV_Bentu_Hao Liang_2   201601_FLV_Bentu_Qiu Zhijie_1Qiu Zhijie From Huaxia to China, 2015 | Ink on paper | 370 x 120 cm x 6

Courtesy de l’artiste et GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins / Habana

201601_FLV_Bentu_Qiu Zhijie_3

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Shiyuan

Liu Shiyuan From Happiness to Whatever, 2015 | Carpet, loudspeakers | Variable dimensions 

Courtesy of the Artist and Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Xiaodong_1

Liu Xiaodong Hometown Boy serie 2010 | Exhibition view

201601_FLV_Bentu_Liu Xiaodong_2

Liu Xiaodong Bent Rib, 2010Oil on canvas | 150 x 140 cm | Details

201601_FLV_Bentu_Hu Xiangqian_2

Hu Xiangqian Speech at the Edge of the World, 2013 |Video |12 mn 23 s

Courtesy of the Artist and Long March Space, Beijing

201601_FLV_Bentu_Hu Xiangqian

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