Fondation Louis Vuitton is presenting a selection of Chinese art from the collection

From January 2016 to 5 September 2016, the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris is presenting a selection of works by Chinese artists from its Collection, including works by Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei, Huang Yongping, Tao Hui, Yang Fudong, Xu Zhen, Zhang Huan, Zhou Tao…

201601_FLV_Collection_Ai Weiwei_1

Ai Weiwei, Tree, 2010, Tree sections, 530 x 560 x 660 cm

201601_FLV_Collection_Huang Yongping_1

Huang Yongping, Cinquante bras de Bouddha, 1997-2013, Metal, plastic, polyester, various objects, 477 x 404 x 415 cm, details

201601_FLV_Collection_Cao Fei_1

Cao Fei, Whose Utopia, 2006 ,Video, color, sound, 20 mn

201601_FLV_Collection_Cao Fei_2

201601_FLV_Collection_Tao Hui_1

Tao Hui , The Dusk of Tehran, 2014 ,Video, color, sound, 4 mn

201601_FLV_Collection_Xu Zhen_1_

Xu Zhen, Eternity-Tianlongshan, Grottoes Bodhisattva, Winged Victory of Samothrace, 2013, Fiberglass, steel, cement, 626 x 460 x 230 cm , Production : MadeIn Company

201601_FLV_Collection_Xu Zhen_1

201601_FLV_Collection_Xu Zhen_2

Xu Zhen, New, 2014Painted stainless steel, 130 x 110 x 402 cm, Production : MadeIn Company

201601_FLV_Collection_Yang Fudong_1

Yang Fudong, The Coloured Sky : New Women II, 2014, Video installation, color, sound, 15 mn, 48 s, Produced in collaboration with ACMI Melbourne and Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki 

201601_FLV_Collection_Yang Fudong_2

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Huan_1

Zhang Huang, National Day, 2009, Ash on linen, 286 x 1080 cm  

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Huan_3

Zhang Huang, National Day, 2009, Ash on linen, 286 x 1080 cm , details

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Huan_2

Zhang Huang, Great Leap Forward, 2007, Ash on linen, 286 x 1080 cm    

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Huan_4

Zhang Huan, Sudden Awakening, 2006, Ash and steel , 70 x 78 x 100 cm

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Huan_5

Zhang Huan, Long Island Buddha, 2010-2011Copper, 172 x 277 x 177 cm

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhang Xiaodang_1Zhang Xiaogang, My ideal, 2008, Bronze, 143 x 54 x 72 cm each & My ideal, 2003-2008 Oil on linen 279 x 500 cm

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhou Tao_1

Zhou Tao, One Two Three Four, 2008,Video, color, sound, 3 mn 33 s

201601_FLV_Collection_Zhou Tao_2

Zhou Tao, Chick Speaks to Duck, Pig Speaks to Dog, 2005 , Video, color, sound, 6mn

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