Chen Wei & Cheng Ran dual exhibition in Shanghai

Chen Wei — In the Waves


Chen Wei, Entrance 150 x 187,5 cm transparency in Lightbox 2013



Chen Wei In The Waves #1 transparency in Lightbox 150 x 187.5 cm   2013





Cheng Ran — Music is On Band is Gone


Day and Night, The Stardust, 2015 Mixed Media Installation


IMG_9286The Eclipse 2011, Single Channel, Video with sound, 1mn47 sec


 Everything Has Its Time 2011, Single Channel Video with sound 6mn 52 sec

A fragmented sound clip on a mobile phone contains a recording of a piece of music played by a busker on the metro in Paris. “All of a sudden the music echoed through the carriage and seemed to tear through the air and the people on board, the music shone into everyone’s hearts with no way out. 
IMG_9292Chewing Gum Paper, 2011 Single Channel video/ Color/ HDVD/ sound, 5 mn

Some silver paper balls scatter on a drum surface. They are jumping and moving with the fragmented “I Have a Dream”, the lecture record of Martin Luther King. 

IMG_9279“The Passion of destruction is also a creative passion” Mikhail Bakunin’s quote


IMG_9300Always I trust, 2014, Video 25-channel HD video (colour, sound), 16:9 1 projector, 6 TV-sets and 18 light boxes 6’13”



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