Guo Peng Exhibition As body and Shadows | 郭棚个展:形影不离

As Body and Shadow, Guo Peng’s new solo exhibition is on display at Jiali Gallery till 19th of July 2013. The exhibition features a selection of small dimensions black and white photos series and a large photo installation That’s it.

Guo Peng is a Chinese artist born in Sichuan in 1982. From installation to performance, Guo Peng explored different art forms, and gradually found his own way of creating photography-based work.

“In photography, people seize the moment to witness the restlessness of time. Photography seems to reach for another world – eternity – by displaying fragility. In Guo Peng’s thinking, he enhances the fragility of photos on purpose to make them look more precious at the moment.  The world that looks old, in another perspective, may get closer to eternity.” Luo Fei about Guo Peng’s work.

Show duration: From 22nd of June till 19th of July 2013

Opening: June 22nd from 4pm to 8 pm

Address: Jiali Gallery | 4 Beijixiang hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing (Directions)

家里画廊 北京市东城区北吉祥胡同4号

Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 14:00-19:00 and by appointment | Phone: +86 10 84 02 56 13

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中国艺术家郭棚1982年生于四川达州。目前,他在北京工作、生活。云南艺术学院雕塑专业毕业后,他与一群狂热的年轻实验艺术家投身当代艺术 。郭棚探索了不同的艺术形式,从装置到行为,逐步找到了他自己创作摄影相关作品的方式。


展览时间:2013年6月22日至2013年7月19日 开放时间: 周四,周五,周六 14:00-19:00 接受预约,不设门票.

开幕酒会:2013年6月22日 下午4:00至8:00

地址:北京市东城区交道口南大街北吉祥胡同4号 “家里画廊”

邮箱 | 电话: +86 10 84 02 56 13



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