A selection of Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Here a selection of art works from Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, with a special focus on the British Gallery Ibid Projects’ booth, on the solo show by Chen Wei showed by Shanghai-based Leo Xu projects and the Korean em Gallery presenting Jae Yong Rhee’s work.

IBID-Michael Part untitled 2012
IBID Christopher Weber Bent inversion 2012IBID-Carsten Nicolai wismut Dust w8 2013


Ibid William Hunt A Gesture you can't help but make 2010 Ibid-Chris Burden Indo China bridge 2002

Jae Yong Rhee Memories of the  Gaze_Pyeongjeong Rice MillJae Yong Rhee Memories of the  Gaze_Mokcheon Rice Mill Galleryem

Chen Wei Dance Hall Blueness 2013 Leo Xu projects



Tomas Saraceno 2013 Poetic Cosmos of the Breath

Andy-Dewatoro-Silence-Waves-#1-2013-Sinsin-gallery Andy-Dewatoro-Silence-Waves-#2-2013-Sinsin-gallery

Room by the sea #10 2013 3 + 1AP

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