Kan Xuan Millets Mounds at UCCA from September 15th

Kan Xuan has honed a unique sensibility through short videos that examine linguistic structures, historical tropes, and relations between man and animal. This, her most comprehensive exhibition to date, will present her classic works alongside a major new project “MILLET MOUNDS” which is the result of over 100 days and 28,000 kilometers of continuous, on-the-road research and shooting with a crew of four in early 2012. The exhibition takes its title from the name used by villagers in Northern China to refer to tomb mounds that resemble piles of their staple crop at harvest time.

Kan Xuan (b.1972) winner of the De Prix de Rome Prize in Holland in 2005, she graduated from Central Academy of fine art and studied a mater degree at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. She works with video and video installation, she has exhibited in various international exhibition including them Venice Biennale (2007), Istambul Biennale (2007), Alors, la Chine? Centre Pompidou (2003), Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art with Wang Jianwei (2012). She is living and working in Beijing and Amsterdam.

Exhibition date: From September 15th to November 10th

Venue: UCCA

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