Open Call : Paper Tiger Studio 2012 Performances Show / 2012纸老虎表演展“装傻”

“Play the Fool” Performances Show will be held in both spring and autumn 2012  at Paper Tiger Studio, in Beijing.

“Play the Fool” is about to create a space for performing arts where all the institutionalized habits will be questioned.

Iinstead of using “festival” which always stresses  the spectacular aspect of the works,  we chose to use “performances show” aiming to promote  the dialogue between different medias, topics  and among various public.

If you wish to participate to “Play fool”, please send an application to the contact below with the performance’s introduction, images, videos.  Complete works as well as short-term residence (co-) production are welcome.

As a self-produced and self-funded event, any funds opportunity or idea to support your project (especially air fares if you are coming from abroad) are more than welcome in your application.  Paper Tiger Studio can provide the venue, basic technical assistance and support, rehearsal venue and accommodation up to 4 people a time.

The selected artists will be invited to perform their works between April and November, 2012.

Organisation: Paper Tiger Studio

Contact:  Ms. Yanan WANG
Tel: 0086-139-0136-2305
Address: Tuoyuan Art District, Tuofangying Jia No.1, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China

Supports: China Art Management

Paper Tiger Studio welcome all year long short-term artist in residence project for performing artists.






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