Playing the fool – May performances’ schedule / 《装傻》剧场表演五月演出安排

May Performances’ schedule:

_ 5th May, 2012 (Saturday)    20:00PM

Opening performance :Theater performance

Absolute Scene 70 minutes

Zhang xian @ Paper Tiger

Performers: Zhang Xian, Wang Ya’nan, Gong Zhonghui, Gong Bin, Zhang Xingjie, Meng Yan, Liu Zheng

During Playing the Fool’s opening performance at Paper Tiger Theater Studio. Zhang Xian will perform improvising on different topics and enquiries sharing thoughts with the audience, while the six performers will perform on stage part of daily rehearsals… This opening performance aims to give the stage back to the stage.


完全现场     70分钟


表演:张献 王亚男 巩中辉 贡斌 张兴杰 孟岩 刘正


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