Mixed reviews on Art Taipei 2012

From a commercial point of view, according to the Taipei Times despite of the lousy economy in the West, Art Taipei 2012 went quite well with sells’ results confirming the art market’s growing embrace of Asian markets and the buying power of wealthy Taiwanese collectors.

In the same article Eslite Gallery’s Chao explained that “In the late 80s, Taiwanese collectors were collecting mainly early Taiwanese paintings, then in the 90s they moved on to Chinese contemporary, and in the last seven or eight years to Korean and Japanese artists. Now, some are starting to look to Russia and the Middle East. In most Asian buying trends of the last 20 years, they’ve been at the fore.”

Original Article in Taipei Times

From an artistic point of view, Randian’s review was quite reserved, saying that ‘This year’s offerings were characterized by a disparity in quality. Though the bad work was exceptionally bad, the good work was also very good.” adding that the fair has strong potential, especially given the failing fortunes of  the SHContemporary and the overcrowding of ArtHK (now ArtBasel Hong Kong), but it remains to be seen if it can rise to the occasion of being a truly international fair.” Original Article Art Taipei Struggles to play in the big leagues

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