WAN CAN-DINNER: Charlotte Guibe Solo Exhibition at Jiali Gallery

Acrylic on paper, 120/120cm 2011

Next month Jiali Gallery will present the work of the French artist Charlotte Guibe in a solo show called “WAN CAN-DINNER” .

The exhibition will display a series of about 30 painting works. The works are a veritable gallery of portraits drawing on real life. Dinners is an invitation to get deeper into the painting. The viewer does not look at this presentation of figures seated at tables but is instead encouraged to taste the still life. The chestnut colour, used in shadow and light, plays a fundamental role in form and space in Charlotte’s painting. The tones see faces melt into abstract thoughts and the composition allows another dimension to emerge and reveal itself to the viewer.

“I try to grasp the changing moment, the fleeting transition between the immediate future and a past that no longer exists. This vertiginous instant is perhaps better described as a pictoral language or a developing scene. The protagonists are plunged into and dependent upon the space that envelops them. Painting diners means projecting encounters that take  placeinside.” Charlotte Guibe

With its infinite variations, this series – updated for the occasion – will be on display at the Jiali Gallery from November 17th to December 15th 2012. The artist will attend the opening.

Venue: Jiali Gallery | 4 Beijixiang hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing |

Opening time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 14:00-19:00 and by appointment

Exhinition Date: Nov 17- Dec 15, 2012

Contact: info@jialigallery.com | Mobile: +86 138 10 22 93 70 | Tel: +86 10 84 02 56 13

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Dîner avec femme en pleurs, Acrylic on paper, 120X120, 2011

Acrylic on Paper 120/120 2011

Acrylic on Paper 120/120cm 2012

Acrylic on Paper 120/120cm 2012

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