Zhu Xinyu’s forthcoming solo show in Brussels

Beijing-based artist Zhu Xinyu has been invited by Paris Beijing Photo Gallery to show his new serie of works in Brussels. The exhibition “Turbid landscapes” will be on display from November 8th until January 10th.

Zhu Xinyu born in 1980 in Liaoning province (Northeastern China) is graduated in 2004 from the Oil painting department of Luxun Fine Arts Academy. He lives and works in Beijing. His work is deeply influenced by the atmosphere of his hometown, where the traces of industrial development shape the cityscape. Zhu Xinyu has a strong interest in nature and deserted buildings. His work portraits noman’s land , a deserted club or theater, an empty dining room, a disused pool, a vast and dense forest by night, an austere highway illuminated by street lights, a parking entrance or a night scene through a wire fence. His work is nourished by fading memories and a complex mix of melancholy, loneliness, nostalgia and calmness.

The nature is omnipresented in his new serie of works that will be shown for the first time in Brussels.

Here some images of his previous serie of works (2010-2011):

倒塌的药剂师协会 2010 32cm x 32cm

The Fallen Pharmaceutist Association oil on cardboard 32 x 32 cm 2010

和光棍汉们捉迷藏的新娘 2010 290cm x 180cm

The Bride Playing Hide & Seek with a Bachelors oil on canvas 180 x 290 cm 2010

她那没有标识的思绪 2011 200cm x 310cm

Her thought yet to be labelled oil on canvas 200 x 310 cm 2011

无题 2010_70x60

Untitled oil on cardboard 70 x 60 cm 2010

无题 2010_164x150

Untitled oil on cardboard 164 x 150 cm 2010

水池的习作 2010 60 x 80cm

The willfully silent Pond oil on canvas 170 x 270 cm 2010

缄默的容器 2010 200cm  x 230cm

The silent of Container oil on canvas 200 x 230 cm 2010


Exhibition duration :

November 8th 2014 to January 10th 2015

Exhibition venue: 

Paris Beijing Photo Gallery

Hôtel Winssinger Brussels

66 rue hôtel des Monnaies

TEL: +32 (0) 28 51 04 13
EMAIL: brussels@galerieparisbeijing.com

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