China Black: Wang Keping & Zao Wouki exhibition in London til February

AktisGalleryWangKeping161106highres-105Wang Keping with his sculpture Bird at Aktis Gallery image ©Aktis Gallery

Aktis Gallery presents an exhibition of Wang Keping (b.1949) and Zao Wou-Ki (1921-2013) for Asian Art in London 2016. The exhibition ‘CHINA BLACK’ showcases a group of 16 sculptures by the contemporary sculptor Wang Keping alongside a selection of 10 Chinese ink paintings by the renowned Zao Wou-Ki. Both artists left their native homeland for Paris in the 20th century, gaining recognition by the European art world as well as continuing to build their reputation in China. The exhibition is running until February 6th, 2017.

IMG_3090China Black exhibition view image ©Aktis Gallery

IMG_3092China Black exhibition view image ©Aktis Gallery

IMG_3093China Black exhibition view image ©Aktis Gallery

AktisGalleryWangKeping161106highres-180Wang Keping bird Catalpa 2011  image ©Aktis Gallery

AktisGalleryWangKeping161106highres-192China Black exhibition view image ©Aktis Gallery

AktisGalleryWangKeping161106highres-178Wang Keping Woman Standing Cedar 2011 image ©Aktis Gallery

AktisGalleryWangKeping161106highres-110Wang Keping with his sculpture Three lines  image ©Aktis Gallery

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