Donation of a work by Hao Liang to the Centre Pompidou

Thanks to the Chinese collector Wang Bin, a work by the artist Hao Liang is now part of Centre Pompidou permanent collection. In fact, the Chinese collector Wang Bin donated the work “Passage from Xian to Ghost” (2014) by Hao Liang to the French modern art museum this September.

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“Passage from Xian to Ghost” details ink on silk 2014 photo credit: Vitamin Creative Space

The main way to picture ancient official is through historical writings, along with the portrait paintings. Portrait of official follows strict rules scholars established, in order to deliver the inner nobly, while the painting job is done by skilled craftsmen. Noticeable paradigm could be found in these paintings, for instance, officials have their own style of hands, and all pointed to the hands of the Xians, this shared characteristic is the secret code scholars imprint, which brings the distinctive savour of elegance. I would illustrate the states and features of officials with the technique of the craftsmen applied when doing the portrait and the rational argument of scholars towards objects (materialist dialectics).

– Hao Liang, about “Passage from Xian to Ghost”

4_R2382630 “Passage from Xian to Ghost” exhibition view at FIAC in 2014 photo credit: Vitamin Creative Space


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Hao Liang, (b. 1983) in Chengdu Sichuan province. He has a Master of Fine Arts of the Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He currently works and lives in Beijing.

Hao Liang, using traditional techniques, paints compositions in fine detail and sophisticated colours on silk. His narrative portraits and landscapes featuring themes from Chinese philosophy, mythology and history offer a perspective on contemporary cultural and social issues.


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