Success for Paper Tiger Cie at Relations theaterfestival in Munich

Beijing Paper Tiger Theater Cie came back  enchanted from Munich, where it was invited this month to perform “Reading” at Relations International Theaterfetival. The show has been really well received by the public, seduced by the unusual character of the performance. Five Chinese male dancers and actors reading aloud text in hand and performing schematic body movements on stage.

The company run a workshop during its stay with professional and none professional participants. The theater’s team said “our young generation  has definitely a lot to learn from you!”

“Reading” will be back in Europe next November with a 7 performances tour in Holland :

Amsterdam November 9th; Rotterdam November 13th; Tilburg Nov 16th;  Den Haag Nov 19th; Groningen Nov 21st; Heerlen Nov 26th; Utrecht Nov 30th

After the performance in Munich the Kunstenfestivaldesarts was interested in inviting the company for its May 2014 edition. This opportunity could hopefully be a starting point for a larger tour in Europe.

reading-munich-3 reading-munich-2 reading-munich-1

You will find on the below links a video interview of Paper Tiger’s director Tian Gebing and an article about the show on the festival’s blog:

Pop-up Interview with Tian Gebing of Paper Tiger Studio (Beijing)

Reading ‘reading’

Two nights.

90 minutes in one run.

Five Chinese male dancers and actors. Moderately built.

Reading aloud with text in hand. With lots of schematic body movement.

Dry language. Lingering perplexities.

Rave applauses.


img_0310-copy img_0261-copy img_0216-copy


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