Guo Peng’s work at Art Paris 2014

This year Art Paris is inviting China as guest of honour. The fair is taking place from March 27th to 30th, at this occasion Beijing Jiali Gallery will present Guo Peng’s work for the first time in France. Twelves series of the artist’s photographies will be exhibited on the gallery’s booth among others Chinese artists’ work.

Last year, Jiali Gallery presented in collaboration with China Art Management, Guo Peng’s exhibition “As body and shadow “, featuring a selection of small scale black and white photos series and a large photo installation That’s it. Later this year, the artist will show a new series of works during a solo show at Ofoto Gallery in Shanghai.

Guo Peng (b.1982) is graduated from Yunnan Arts University. Since 2003 he has been working with photography, video, installation. His work has been exhibited in Uppsala Art Museum and Bohuslans Museum in Sweden, Pingyao International Photography FestivalTaipei Fine Arts Museum, Bejing Museum of Contemporary Art, He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen China and Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis. His work is part of American Nature Fund and HSBC’s collection as well as private collections in China, USA and Sweden. He is currently living and working in Beijing.

Please find below a selection of Guo Peng’s works. For more information please contact us.


2. Guo Peng Fog 2012


4. Guo Peng Nerve 20125. Guo Peng Together 2011
16. Guo Peng Past 2011



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